A Biography of Dr Paschal Charles Mdukula

Dr Paschal Charles Mdukula

Dr Paschal Charles Mdukula
lecturer | newsletter editor
Email: pacha3nm@gmail.com
Phone: 255713336261
Year: 2022-2024

Dr Mdukula is the current UDASA Newsletter Editor. He is a lecturer in the Centre for Communication Studies. He has a PhD in Linguistics, an MA in Linguistics, and a BA in Education and Linguistics, all from the University of Dar es Salaam.

Dr Mdukula has extensive knowledge in human communication and sociolinguistics from the University of Dar es Salaam. He has worked with different community groups in different capacities such as community mobilisation, trainer in communication skills to government and non-governmental institutions, Translator and editor of various technical and non-technical documents, designer of organisational communication policy and functional writing. Currently, he is working as an editor for UDASA Newsletter and communication officer.

Dr Mdukula research interests and areas of expertise include Sociolinguistics and Language policy, Capacity building in Human Communication, Design of communication policy and strategies, Community mobilisation and engagement, Language management (translation, editing, rapporteuring), and Research methodology.

Dr Mdukula teaches several undergraduate courses in Communication for social science and Humanities, Non-verbal communication, Business communication, and a postgraduate course in Health Communication.