A Biography of Dr Stephen Luke Kirama

Dr Stephen Luke  Kirama

Dr Stephen Luke Kirama
lecturer | school representative
Email: ngareni3@yahoo.co.uk
Phone: 255713250573
Year: 2020-2022

Dr Kirama [Cert (Philosophy); BA (hons); MA in Economics; PhD (Economics); is a
Lecturer and Senior Consultant at the Department of Economics University of Dar es Salaam and a
Research Fellow at the Environmental for Development Tanzania (EfDT) Centre with over 12 (12)
years’ experience in the Public Sector Economics, Transport Economics (Roadway Pricing, Value for
Money for Transport); Health Economics (health financing), Infrastructure (Energy (Natural Gas, Oil
and Electricity), Social Infrastructure (Education and Health); Poverty Analysis; Monitoring
Evaluation (M&E) and Impact Evaluation.

Before joining the Department of Economics, Kirama worked as a Senior Economist at the then
Ministry of Communications and Transport in the Government of Tanzania (2003 -2005. Currently, Dr
Kirama is a locally based Researcher and Senior Consultant with extensive experience in organizing,
conducting and implementing fieldwork, data management and report writing in Tanzania. Dr
Kirama interest in Research and Consultancies is but not limited to Public Spending and Growth,
Energy (Natural Gas, Oil and Electricity); Impact Evaluation, Natural Resources (Exhaustible and
Renewable); Poverty Analysis and Wildlife. Dr Kirama’s teaching subjects are currently Transport
Economics; Health Economics, Energy Economics, Public Sector Economics, Monitoring and
Evaluation and Quantitative Methods.