A Biography of Dr Athuman J. Mahinda

Dr Athuman J. Mahinda

Dr Athuman J. Mahinda
lecturer | college representative
Email: athumanmahinda@gmail.com
Phone: 255123456789
Year: 2020-2022

Dr Mahinda is a Lecturer, Researcher and Consultant in the Department of Agricultural Engineering, College of Agricultural Sciences and Food Technology which he represents in the UDSA Executive Committee. He teaches and supervises undergraduates in Precision agriculture, Soil Sciences, Agronomy, Agricultural Sciences and Management of agricultural wastes. He will also be engaged in teaching postgraduates on Food Security and Climate change courses. His research interest is on Crop production systems and Food security, Natural resources management and economics, Soil Sciences and Fertilizer, Agricultural technologies and Climate change studies.

Dr Mahinda has a double PhD degree from Kyoto University (PhD in Agricultural Sciences and PhD in Global Future of Life, Food and Environment). He also has an MSc degree in Soil Sciences from the University of Nairobi and a BSc in Agronomy from the Sokoine University of Agriculture. He is an award-winning scholar in the field of Agronomy, Soil Sciences, Fertilizers, Agricultural water management, Crop production, Food security, Environment, climate change and Agricultural technologies. He has eleven years of working experience in the field of Agriculture and related disciplines cutting across Private sectors, Research centres and Higher learning institutions both within and outside the country.

Currently, Dr Mahinda is a Departmental and College Coordinator for Quality Assurance, and Research Knowledge and Exchange. He is also coordinating Departmental field practical training for undergraduates.