A Biography of Mr Omary Thabiti

Mr Omary Thabiti

Mr Omary Thabiti
assistant lecturer | institute representative
Email: omarymndeme@gmail.com
Phone: 255123456789
Year: 2020-2022

Mr Thabit is an Assistant Lecturer in the Institute of Development Studies (IDS), an institute he has been representing in the UDASA Executive Committee (EXCOM) since 2019. He has served various leadership positions such as Undergraduate Students College Coordinator and Board member representing the Institute to the College of Humanities. He is currently serving as the representative of IDS at the UDSM Workers’ council, the body mandated to deliberate and advise the university on various workers’ welfare and disciplinary issues.  

Mr Thabiti received a BA Education major in Political Science and Geography at the Mkwawa University College of Education in 2012. Thereafter, he was employed by the Nzega District council as a secondary teacher for three years before joining the University of Dar es salaam as a Tutorial Assistant in 2015. He has an MA in Political Science from UDSM and his thesis focused on Trade Unions Collective Action in Tanzania. His research interests include trade unions, civil society organisations, international development, governance, and democracy.

Mr Thabiti has participated in several research and consultancy activities conducted by senior staff at the institute and university level such as Views on Health Product Features, Affordability and Purchasing Models, and Observation of the Tanzania 2020 General Election. 

Mr Thabiti teaches various undergraduate courses such as Development Perspectives, Globalisation, Governance, Local Government and State.