Chachage Scholarship

What is the Chachage Scholarship?

The University of Dar es Salaam Academic Staff Assembly (UDASA) offers scholarship annually or as may be determined fitting. The scholarship is named after Professor Chachage Seithy Loth Chachage who was a visionary academic, human rights activist, and pro academic freedom. This fund was established in 2007 following the untimely passing of Prof Chachage who was the chair of UDASA at the time of his demise. It was established from contributions made by UDASA members and is made sustainable through the monthly contributions that members give as membership fee. A small percentage of the monthly fee is set aside to support students with academic merits. Due to unforeseeable implementation procedures, it took almost ten years before the first rollout had to come in 2017/18. In this year, two students were funded to pursue their master’s degrees at the university of Dar es salaam. The second cohort of the fund was made available in the 2020/21 academic year in which one student is doing a master’s degree. Chachage scholarship is set to recruit candidates with academic potentials to pursue a Master degree in their areas of choice at the University of Dar es salaam to further the pursuit of knowledge. It targets high achieving candidates who may be considered for academic positions at Universities.