Udasa Update

A groundbreaking record at CSE Department: FIVE new PhDs in ONE week

This week, we have witnessed our colleagues at the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, in the College of Information and Communication Technologies (CoICT), making history in style. The department has set a record in producing 5 new PhD graduates within ONE week in computer science and engineering-related fields. Among them, three graduates successfully defended their PhD theses at CoICT. These are:

(1) Dr Rukia Julius Mwifunyi (academic staff at the University of Dodoma). Her PhD research focused on Distributed Algorithm for Enhanced Fault Localisation and Service Restoration to Improve Reliability in Electrical Secondary Distribution Network.
(2) Dr Yona Andegelile (academic staff at CoICT, UDSM). His PhD research focused on Multilayer Resilient Communication Network to Facilitate Automatic Fault Detection on Electrical Secondary Distribution Power Grid.
(3) Dr John Sausi (an ICT Manager at the Ministry of Finance and Planning). His PhD research focused on Frameworks for Success Evaluation of Electronic Payment Systems in Reference to the Tanzania Government Revenue Co­­llection Systems.

The other two who are academic staff in the same department have managed to successfully defend their PhD theses at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Sweden. These are;

(3) Dr Aron W. Kondoro (academic staff at CoICT, UDSM). His PhD focused on the use of the latest smart grid and Internet of Things technologies to develop more secure, efficient, reliable, and autonomous solar-driven microgrids for off-grid rural communities.
(5) Dr Diana Rwegasira (academic staff at CoICT, UDSM). Her PhD research focused on the enhancement of agent-based controlling and monitoring on solar-driven DC microgrid systems. Diana's PhD programme was offered in a sandwich arrangement between the UDSM and KTH.

UDASA leadership congratulates the management of CSE Department and all UDASA members at CoICT for what they have achieved this week as a result of their hardworking spirit. The efforts to produce more researchers with PhD qualifications are recommendable, particularly now as our country is making huge investments in building its capacity toward having a vibrant economy built on and supported by digital solutions and technologies. It is our strong belief that these experts will add value to the pool of ICT researchers and experts in the country in transforming our country into a digital economy.