Chachage Scholarship

Ms Tunda Rafiki - The 2017/18 Academic Year

Student: Ms Tunda Rafiki

Dissertation title: The Impact of HakiElimu Capacity Building Projects on Improvement of the Student                                 Academic Performance in Selected Schools in Kilwa District, Tanzania

Poor academic performance in most of community primary and secondary schools has been a major challenge to the educational development in the country, (URT, 2007). Government and non-government organizations have played important roles in improving academic performance and quality of education provision, although still the situation of education in Tanzania is not promising for most public primary and secondary schools. Hakielimu as a non-governmental organization plays a big role by providing capacity-building projects such as strengthening the capacity of school committees, enhancing parents participation, the establishment of school clubs and building infrastructures such as library and laboratories for some secondary schools. Despite all these initiatives, poor performance in Kilwa district is still a major challenge. In this study I have examined the impact of those capacity building projects to ascertain their sustainability and usefulness in improving student’s performance.